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Paaravvana Kanasu

Paaravvana Kanasu

A story of Paaravva (Hero’s mother) & her family living in a village with her son and a daughter, her husband Sidda (Paaravva’s husband) is an irresponsible person and a heavy drunkard. Paaravva’s dream is to build a beautiful house in her village & to live happily with her family.

Paaravva’s son Shekar (Hero) falls in love with Pallavi (Heroine), the only daughter of the village chief. A small clash between Shekar and Pallavi unites them in love. Paaravva’s childhood friend Jayakka suggests her to shift her family to the city as there will be various ways to get prosperous in life.

Paaravva shifts her family to the city, her husband Sidda works as a security guard, the daughter joins a garment factory & Shekar works as labor. Can Paaravva overcome the hurdles & reach her destiny?

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